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    Colombia - Vivian Montanez Castellanos, 22 mos, Cucuta, 21 June 1988

    I was contacted a short time ago by the paternal uncle and Godfather of this beautiful girl asking for my help.

    With the help of some kind souls at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and The Doe Network, this girl is now getting some much needed exposure.

    Here are the links so far for Vivian




    This child was kidnapped at the age of 22 months by her nanny. The persons involved were captured and served time in jail but always maintained the baby was dropped off in the mountains somewhere. It is the families belief that Vivian is alive and will someday question her ancestry. It is their fervent prayer that she will recognize herself on-line and they can be reunited as a family.

    Here are the full size versions of the pics posted on the Doe link



    Here are the full scale versions of the age progression photographs



    The family hopes to get a newer age progression photo done to age 18. If you know of someone who can help with this, please contact me at the e-mail address in my signature and thanks.

    It is said that Vivian’s sister has resembled her since birth, so knowing that the family requests I post this photograph of her sister.

    Vivian, your family loves and misses you and if you read this, please know they have looked for you since you were taken and will continue to look until you are found.

    Any links placed on behalf of the family are greatly appreciated.

    Prayers for this girl and her family, and for answers and soon.
    With HOPE, Lanie
    Help For The Missing
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    The family has sent me some more links for Vivian. Please take a look and see if you recognize this kidnapped child, and thanks.

    Site #1

    Site #2

    Site #3

    Praying for Vivian and for all who love and miss her.

    With HOPE, Lanie

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    For Vivian...lighting a candle...

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    I just received this from Vivian's uncle

    Hello Lanie,

    I am writing to let you know that another age enhancement is complete on my missing niece/Goddaughter from Cucuta, Colombia, kidnapped on June 21, 1988 by the nanny.

    A very kind artist at Project EDAN composed the sketch and sent it to me this week. I am sending you a couple of attachments showing the sketch. They are the same sketch only different sizes.

    Age enhancement of Vivian to 18 years

    A larger version of the enhancement

    I hope now we can find this precious human being and reunite her with her natural parents.

    Thank you,

    Sincerely, (edited for privacy)
    The Godfather and Uncle of Vivian Paola Montanez Castellanos

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    bumping up post

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    May I make a suggestion? Does anyone have pictures of the nanny or her accomplices? Perhaps someone might recognize THEM which would indicate where she might have been adopted.

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    Vivian has a new website. Please check it out.


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    bumping for Vivian.

    This is one missing child I really feel could be found. I think she might be alive out there somewhere. I feel so bad for her family. Their heartbreak is tangible even through the computer screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by bykerladi View Post
    May I make a suggestion?

    Does anyone have pictures of the nanny or her accomplices?

    Perhaps someone might recognize THEM which would indicate where she might have been adopted.....
    bykerladi, Excellent suggestion...someone would definitely remember the nanny if her picture was circulated..

    The nanny's age and description etc, as of June 1988...is clue to solving this case....imo

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    Vivian, You have not been forgotten sweetheart.

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