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    OH - Gianna Cochran for child abuse, Columbus, 2009

    Nanny Cam Helps Convict Babysitter Of AbuseThursday, February 24, 2011 5:35 PM

    Warning...Graphic Details and Videos

    Video taken from a hidden "nanny camera" showed Cochran taking drastic steps to quiet children.

    As the video was being played for the judge, it sent some family members of the victims into a rage.


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    those poor babies!

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    OMG! She is carrying that precious baby by his LEG! My 3 year old doesn't even carry her dolls in that manner! That is so, so sad

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    It has been on our news constantly, making me sick! And then the parents, grandparents of the little kids, screams in court at seeing for the first time how their children were treated by the babysitter.

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    I hope to god she's lost custody of her OWN children!!

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    Oh my. How horrible, hopefully these children do not have long term effects.

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    It turns out that she wasn't just a babysitter, she's the ex of the father who set up the camera - and the mother to some of the children she was filmed abusing.

    April 2011:

    A Franklin County judge wanted former baby sitter Gianna Cochran to imagine what it felt like to be one of the infants and toddlers she nearly suffocated while caring for them...

    Cochran seemed stunned by the sentence. A WBNS-TV (Channel 10) camera captured her mouthing to her attorney, "Are you kidding me?"

    Cain convicted Cochran, 36, in February of five felony and seven misdemeanor counts of child endangering after a trial in which "nanny cam" video showed her smothering children to stop them from crying.

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