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    MD - Phylicia Barnes, 16, believed abducted in Baltimore, 28 December 2010 - #5

    Quote Originally Posted by Falconi View Post
    I cannot agree with you more.

    December 27th is the last definite date that parties OUTSIDE of the Bmore area spoke to/communicated with PB. This is a HUGE red flag, imo.

    I'd be interested to know what time of day did PB contact her friends back in NC, normally. Did she call/Skype/text them routinely in the morning or would she wait until later in the day?

    Imo, the answer could be more circumstantial evidence.

    Based upon all of the data that is provided/available on the Internet, most of it which has been cited here on WS, here is my final THEORY:

    -Something "accidental" happened to PB on the night of Dec. 27.

    -A disposal, cover-up, and a "campaign" ensues.

    -A case of circumstantial evidence high as the Chrysler building has been built, but LE is waiting on cell phone pings to confirm, and searching for physical evidence/remains.

    -There will be more than one or two arrests made in this case, imo.

    -Just as Internet predators and SO's are corralled
    by agent provocateurs, I have a feeling that the guilty parties involved with PB's case are, too.

    -Social Media will have a sizable role in the prosecution of this case.

    -There will be OUTRAGE when the truth unfolds, and the grief over PB's loss will be compounded by the egregious actions taken by those closest to the case.

    My heart aches for PB's family, friends, and classmates that loved her, and only wanted the best for her. They absolutely deserve peace to their torment of not knowing.


    Carried over from thread 4. I fully agree, other than I believe something happened on the 28th rather than the 27th as it has been verified that PB verbally spoke with her half sister(s) - at least DB on the 28th. AND DB has been fully cleared of any involvement in PB's disapperance by LE.
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    Also carried over from thread 4:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun48shine View Post
    Apartment #101 is the left garden apartment with a sliding glass door facing parking spots. #102 and 103 face the steps and the laundry room is at the right side. The laundry door faces #101. I am not sure if it stays locked.

    During one of the searches conducted by RB, he said that PB's scent ended at the end of the parking spots directly facing the apartment building. A Sun Reporter who was at thar same search said that the dogs were 2 bloodhounds. Neighbors said that a lot of people were outside walking or driving through Eberle Drive during the times in question. This is normal for that time of day. I can't imagine a stranger choosing that particular building and specific apartment to abduct anyone. RB said that DB's dog was in the apartment. I saw DB with her dog during the search. DB had recently moved out of the apartment during that search, but was picking up small items and making sure doors and windows were locked. The dog stares at people when they come close to it. During the search, no one went over to the dog to pet it. When DB put the dog in her car, I walked over to the car window with one of the Guardian Angels, but both of us hesitated and didn't even try to touch the car window.

    The evening (6:10pm on Feb. 10th) that I went to the building to place flyers there were a lot of people walking by. Since the subway and bus stops are near the apartment complex, the residents there probably find it more convenient to use public transportation.

    Thank you Sun48shine. This is important info imo for many reasons. It minimally confirms the location of the laundry room. MJ didn't have far to go, and I'd guess if he was back and forth from the apartment he was the one to unlock the door to the unit AND possibly propped open the laundry room door if the door has a lock. It tells me, if PB left and was abducted by a stranger - someone had to see this. It also tells me that some stranger had to have kept enough of a watch on the apartment to not only know when MJ left, but also to get into the or near the unit without the 'large number of people' in the area and have gone unnoticed. I find that VERY unlikely.

    Again, we'd have to explain why MJ had enough concern to ensure KB didn't show up and to let PB sleep. I don't believe PB was fine when MJ left that apartment. I think whatever occured happened at or near the 12:30 time contact with PB abruptly ceased and it took MJ an hour to get PB out of the apartment and clean up whatever he needed to clean up.

    LE needs to check those ping records and search wherever MJ's phone pinged that afternoon - IF his phone pinged. IMO, he could have been careful enough to leave his phone behind, possibly on a charger and gone wherever to dispose of her leaving the phone behind so he'd know LE could not trace his whereabouts that afternoon. Maybe not since MJ had to call LBC from somehwere and on some phone........ Can someone remind me/us what MJ posted on the Find PB facebook with regards to the 3:30 time LBC was supposed to have been back at the apartment? FWIW, I still think MJ is trying to throw LBC under the bus here........


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    Carrying over from thread 4.

    Quote Originally Posted by georgiajean View Post
    Posted on Pray for PB facebook page:

    February 28, 2011 marks the 2-month anniversary
    of Phylicia's disappearance.
    Reisterstown Square Apartments has graciously provided
    a place for the community to show its support
    for the continuing efforts to find her.

    6609 Eberle Drive
    Baltimore, MD, 21215

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pray-for-Phylicia-Barnes/177767702243339?v=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=1520673546203&set=o.177767702243339 &theater

    And link to Find PB website announcement:

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