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Thread: VA- Bethany Anne Decker, 21, Ashburn, 29 Jan 2011

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    Passing this one on:

    From CUE Center for Missing Persons - Virginia director:

    In October we will be holding our 11th annual Road to Remember Tour which raises awareness of missing persons from coast to coast... There are currently four Virginia rally stops confirmed.. We have been asked to add these particular missing persons by either family and/or LE to help bring continued or renewed interest, awareness, and generation of new investigative leads.. These particular Virginia missing range from one year missing to 26 years missing...
    One rally stop on Friday, October 10th:
    Rocky Mount
    Heather Hodges
    Three rally stops on Saturday, October 11th:
    Alexis Murphy
    Dashad "Sage" Smith
    Samantha Clarke
    Bethany Decker
    Melanie Metheny
    Jerry Plaster
    cases that keep me up nights:
    kyron horman * aliayah lunsford * alexis murphy * claudine gifford

    Support your local SAR organization! Most are all volunteer and struggling for funding!

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