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    Exclamation Crowe Agency Sex Offender Photographs Unconscious Teens

    Whoa is all I have to say. Scary. Scary. Scary.

    Gilbert George Walks is a convicted sex offender. That didn't stop him from dressing unconcsious teens up in nylons and heels and photographing them and having sex with them.

    The teens have no recollection of this happening.

    Walks was also found to have ammunition at his home and that's violating his probation. Like rendering kids senseless and dresssing them up and having sex with them don't, right?


    That is some scary stuff. Where'd he get the clothes and shoes? He*l where'd he get the teens?

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    Didn't we have a case just like this last year (out of CO, I think) where LE was actually posting photos of unconscious women and trying to identify them?

    Roofies and GHB. Scary as heck. Do not set your drink down, EVER, folks.

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