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    NY - Andre Terrence Bryant, 1 month, Brooklyn, 29 March 1989

    Case Type: Non Family Abduction
    DOB: Feb 17, 1989
    Sex: Male
    Missing Date: Mar 29, 1989
    Race: Black
    Age Now: 17
    Height: 1'7" (48 cm)
    Missing City: BROOKLYN
    Weight: 10 lbs (5 kg)
    Missing State : NY
    Hair Color: Black
    Missing Country: United States
    Eye Color: Brown
    Case Number: NCMC721896
    Circumstances: Andre's photo is shown age-progressed to 15 years. He was last seen with his mother, who was later found deceased. Mother and child had left their residence at about 2 p.m. to go shopping with two black female acquaintances in a burgundy Pontiac Grand Am, possibly with Maryland tags


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    Andre's case was briefly mentioned on Nancy Grace America's Missing.

    Video clip here: http://cnn.com/video/?/video/crime/2...as.missing.hln

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    Etan Patz is Not Alone: 15 Missing Child Cases in NYC Remain Unsolved

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    The Charley Project gives a lot more information on the circumstances of Andre's mother Monique's shopping trip with these two unknown women. Based on what Monique allegedly told her sister-in-law about the women using a fraudulent credit cards to make the purchases, could these women have killed Monique to steal her identity or because she may have tried to talk them into turning themselves in for fraud? If so, where's Andre?

    It's probably more likely, however, that Andre was the target all along and that the shopping trips were just a ploy to get him from his mother and when she resisted, they killed her and took Andre.

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    Brooklyn father thinks baby-selling ring snatched his infant


    9 hours ago
    by Mary Murphy

    BROOKLYN (PIX11) - Timothy Bryant turned 49 years old this year and he’s carried deep sadness in his heart for half of that life.

    “What would you expect, if a guy snatched your child?” Bryant asked PIX 11.

    The baby-snatching is only part of the story.

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    Andre is probably being raised by the woman who killed his mother to have him. Can you imagine the psychological trauma that will sequel if this case is ever solved? Jesus.

    I hope it is solved, though. Andre's mother and father had two other sons together. The father and sons deserve truth, justice and peace!

    I hope Andre is still alive, becomes very suspicious of his true identity, and comes across his baby pic from 1989! I hope he becomes stunned by the resemblance and contacts the NCMEC. I hope his abductor/mother's killer PAYS for the unfathomable pain that she has brought on this family.

    Please let there be a miracle.
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    Here's a 1989 article: http://www.nytimes.com/1989/04/05/ny...y-expands.html

    I did find another old article about the case and Monique's sister-in-law Pat Bryant (who babysat the other two kids while she took Andre shopping) stated that she thought Monique mentioned knowing one of the two women from back in middle school, but that she never gave a specific name. I believe her mother was also quoted as saying that Monique was not streetwise in any sense of the word. Some people are just very trusting and naive. It's sad that she died for it and had her son kidnapped.

    Although I believe that Andre's case is likely connected to Shane Walker and Christopher Dansby, I can't help but feeling that Andre's case was by far the most preventable. If Monique told her sister-in-law that these women had bought her clothes with fake credit cards, how did she not know that was illegal? Doesn't "fake credit card" speak for itself? Then she went to do more shopping the next day, presumably with more phony credit cards and gave into the women's insistence that she take her baby with them. Basically, she was bringing her child with her to commit a crime. Although, I think we can all agree that while her getting caught and arrested with her baby in tow would have been terrible, it would have been far more preferable than what ultimately happened.

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