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    Vancouver Police Dept "Missing Women Investigation Review" - August 2010

    The VPD report from August 2010 is available here on PDF:


    (Concentrates more on the Vancouver missing women investigation, naturally, and not the Highway of Tears area, but possibly worth reading for general information in this forum.)

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    Is there a separate thread for the East Vancouver missing women? This pdf is so large I can't open it yet. There was a report out today about an East Vancouver man who revealed that he witnessed the murder of his mother 35 years ago (1977) by his father. He has disclosed that her remains are likely buried under the home where he lived at that time. His father was a violent man who was likely jealous of his wife and accused her of seeing other men.

    From the article:

    "The father, Aladar Sturcz, died in 1987 following a stroke, he said, not long before the man was to face criminal charges for sexually assaulting at least one of his three daughters."

    I wonder if this guy could have possibly hurt other East Van. women? There was another man who knew about this crime as well: "Sturcz (Robert) recalls another grey-haired man helping his father dig through the concrete on the basement floor."

    Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/says...#ixzz1GABPW1v8

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    I created a thread on this story in the crimes in the news forum. So sad and disturbing. I really am suspicious that the father may have hurt other women if East Vancouver. Also, there was another man who helped bury the woman along with the dad (some grey-haired man according to Robert Sturcz).

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