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    IL - Lansing, 12 yr old sexually assaulted during birthday sleepover


    I wouldn't let my 10 or younger child sleep at a friends, but I would feel my 12 yr old was safe... I'm rethinking that

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    I surely agree with you Peeples!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by peeples View Post

    I wouldn't let my 10 or younger child sleep at a friends, but I would feel my 12 yr old was safe... I'm rethinking that

    peeples, I didn't read the article yet. However I just wanted to say I'm so sorry parents have to worry like this. I never allowed my DD to sleep over anyone's house. You truly have to weigh the situation. Whose house is it? Who is going to be there? I allowed what happened to me dictate how I raised my DD. She in turn says she was raised in a bubble.

    peeples, I was never allowed to sleep over anyone's home. Still I was assaulted and my parents were strict. It's a really fine line.

    It just stinks we have to worry. However, it's a reality. You're a good parent. I think you will find a good medium.

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    I did allow my kids to go to sleep overs, but I talked, I mean warned them, about the kinds of things that could happen too. I also made my kids call me before they went to bed and I would gently question them about who was there etc.
    I picked my daughter up one time when she was about 10 because I found out there was an older teen brother with a few friends sleeping over as well. { WHO has a ten yr old girls sleep over party and invites 14 yr old boys to 'help'?} I made up a family emergency so she wasnt too emabarrassed.

    I used to have sleepovers here for my daughter but my son used to be at a friends just so we had more room and attention on the girls.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    I remember when I was in elementary school and I would meet a new friend at camp or school who would ask me to a sleepover at their house. My parents always said, "No" because they didn't know their parents so it's not safe, etc. I would always reply back with, "They have children; they are obviously good people!" Wow, I was so naive and innocent. I don't have children yet but one day I will, and I'll only let them sleep over relatives' houses and friends whose parents I know really well.

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    For obvious reasons, our family's never been big on sleepovers. However, our adult children are also being very very cautious with our grandchildren. I don't share much of what I write or read on WS but they know enough to keep them aware.

    We have the little nine year old in MO and now this child. You really wonder how many children are abused at sleepovers who never tell. I think it's exactly the same with camp.

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