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    WA~RSO, Patrick Rojas, suing mother of his victim for writing about him

    No, I don't have a blog. Yes, this is utterly outrageous and insane. I'd honestly laugh if I didn't know exactly what this family is going through. I'm not going to stop writing about our family's story, that's for sure. I try to never stray from the facts which are readily available and I don't spread rumors, though. No conjecture, just the truth. I fully understand that victims and victims' families can't falsely defame their offender but the woman certainly should be able to tell her story. If she saves one child from being abused, that works for me.

    Interestingly enough, there are a number of websites for the "falsely convicted" which twist cases, and print outright lies about families and victims with total impunity. Our children were the victims and yet a website printed their names, ages, allegations, and address for years before we got help in cleaning it up. However, I'm still being written about in a vitriolic manner on that site. I can't ask that it be removed as it is not libel or slander--just another "side of the story", "another opinion". Just how they get by with calling my children's rapes "alleged" after the convictions, the appeals, the PCR Trial and a denial of clemency from the governor is beyond me. I always wonder when a conviction is finally accepted as fact. Does that ever happen? Why does the victim always come last? I wonder if this mother has checked to see if her case has shown up on one of these sites. She'd be shocked at the untruths and the demeaning way of speaking of victims.

    I hope Mr. Rojas doesn't sue me for writing about him. He thinks his life is ruined? What about the child?


    "TACOMA, Wash. ~ A convicted sex offender is suing the mother of a child he had inappropriate contact with because he says she wrote negative things about him on her blog.

    Patrick Rojas, 26, plead guilty in 2007 to a gross misdemeanor for contact with a minor for immoral purposes. But DS [EBM] says that charge didn't come close to describing what Rojas did to her 11-year-old child. DS decided to blog about it and warn others...."


    "..."...I just felt like we needed to tell our story so that that community could know who they were dealing with to protect themselves." Rojas was the pastor's son at DS's church and often visited their home. He is now classified as a level two sex offender in Washington. But in court documents, his attorney claims Rojas is embarrassed by the blog and can't get employment because of it...."


    "....The audacity that the person who abused my child and changed the course of our family and our life was suing us..."


    ".....Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Linquist says he's never seen a case quite like this. The civil division of the Prosecutor's Office says there are factors in the case that will likely need to be established. The first is whether everything on the blog is true and whether it is public record...."

    more at link
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    The blog in question:


    If Rojas was concerned about his privacy, I think he's just shot his foot off. This story has legs and his name will be far more better known within the next few days.

    Maybe more victims and their families should start blogs.

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    Patrick Rojas.


    Izzy I'd seen this. No way can I even tolerate it. Can't look at it. I ain't got no Blog either, but got tsk, tsked, and warned not to tell my perp's GD. Ummmmmmm, that being because he hurt her as well.

    Patrick Rojas.


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