I wonder if he is related to the Batman that climbed Buckingham Palace last week?


French urban climber who calls himself "Spiderman" scaled a 59-storey Paris office building Wednesday with his bare hands and without using any ropes. Alain Robert took less than 45 minutes to climb the 213-metre-tall Montparnasse Tower building, gripping the metal girders on his way up. At the top, he waved to a small crowd that gathered on the ground, some shouting "Allez, Alain!", or "Go, Alain!"

"This is a bit long," Robert, 42, said of his climb. "There are some metallic rails which are a bit slippery. It's difficult to stick the feet inside so it's a bit uncomfortable. I mean, I have to climb quite quickly. I have to be able to keep the rhythm. And today it's windy, it's a bit cold."

Police took Robert into custody after the climb but released him shortly afterwards.