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    CO, Denver- 12 yr old girl bullied to the extreme and school no help


    This is horrible the family got a RO and the school refused to honor it..
    The bully rushed a teacher to get at the girl and the teacher had to call from help and the school still downplayed it..

    this is insanity.. I rarely advise anyone to go for litigation.. however I hope this family sues the bullies family for everything they have!!!!

    This male bully is going to end up an abuser of women.. you can just see it.. this kid needs intense counseling.. NOW!!!

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    Wow, I must say that I agree with you peeples. It seems that they have a very good case if they refer it to a lawyer. Not only is the bully causing them problems, now the girls are being isolated and forced by the school district from having the same rights that the other students have, even though they are the victims in this situation.
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    How can a school not honor a restraining order ? I don't think that is legal ......
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    i dont know how parents do it. i swear if someone bullied my son i would be in a meeting with the bully's parents and they would hear an earful. I would make sure they know that I'll take it to them if need be.
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