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Thread: WA-Centralia Mother Charged With Murdering Baby

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    WA-Centralia Mother Charged With Murdering Baby

    This is a very distrubing story***

    I'm feeling sick to my stomach! I can't even begin to say what I feel.

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    I don't even have words.
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    So sad. The baby was born at 21 weeks. It is rare (but not impossible) for a baby born at 21 weeks to survive outside the womb. Even those that do survive when born so prematurely usually have a host of problems.

    I wonder if she may have tried to induce a miscarriage and instead went into labor. I wonder if she even knew she was giving birth. I have had a miscarriage, and I have given birth and the labor feels alike, imho.

    In any event, if she severed its head, she must not have wanted it.
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    my baby was born at 31 weeks. i didnt even read the article. I dont have the heart especially knowing the baby was a preemie like my son. Preemies are miracle babies.
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    Chopped the infants head off????????????????????????????????

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    That baby defied soo many odds to even been born alive at 21 weeks.... for his/her life to end like that is just sickening....

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