Freddy Patel condemned for 'natural causes' report on murdered sex worker

The panel found that Dr Freddy Patel's reports on the death of Sally White - the first victim of Anthony Hardy, "the Camden Ripper" - in 2002 were "irresponsible, not of the standard expected of a competent forensic pathologist and liable to bring the medical profession into disrepute".

Patel decided White, a 31-year-old sex worker, had died of natural causes despite blood staining on her clothing, her bedding and on a wall in a locked room in Hardy's north London flat. Patel concluded she had died from a heart attack during consensual sex.

His reports on Hardy's first victim discouraged a police investigation that might have saved two other women, the GMC panel was told. Because he had ruled out murder, there was effectively "no crime to investigate".
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