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    Aretha Franklin Denies Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery


    Asked what kind of surgery she did have, the Freeway of Love singer, 68, said "it's really not necessary…to talk about one's personal medical [on goings,] though she did concede "the doctor did say to me, he said, ‘Mrs. Franklin, you are going to feel better than you have felt maybe in 10 or 15 years…and the surgery that you had is going to add 15 years to your life.’”
    This is what confuses me. What kind of surgery causes weight loss and adds years onto your life that isn't weight loss surgery? Do you think it's a matter of words? Maybe it wasn't "Gastric Bypass Surgery" but "Lapband Surgery"? I know it's none of my business but enquirering minds want to know.

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    Whatever surgery she's had, she's lost like 85 pounds. She looks totally different but seems really, really happy. Whatever she did, I hope it adds years to her life. Go Aretha, you look great!!
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    It might be a play on words DG.I dont' know. A great many adults from her generation tend to not be willing to share personal info and that's fine because I think sometimes I prefer my parents generation's attitude towards private info than say my 30 yr old daughters.

    Well sometimes about certain things. I cringe when my teens turn on the bad girls club or whatever that show is called, I usually make them change the channel and they giggle that I find it TMI. I don't have a problem with open honesty but sometimes there is certain info that just don't need to be shared with the world. LOL.

    There's no telling what she had done and she does look great but at her age if she dieted to lose this weight I'd be very very concerned about the effects of that dieting on her body. Even if a doc monitered an extreme diet she has enough money where there is a possibility that her best interest might not always be in the forefront.

    She looks great and I hope she has a very nice 69th bday this month.

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    I'm happy to see Aretha looking so radiant. The rumors that she was ill worried me. Keep on keepin' on, Aretha.

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    Big beautiful girl got somthing to say...

    If she didn't have surgery and she lost the weight for some other reason like sensible diet and exercise, then good for her.

    If, she had any kind of surgery or medical help in losing weight, and she wants(anyone who does this)to deny it...

    Well, call it the personal code of the obese, imo: that is wrong. I have said this before about Drew Carey and Alton Brown. If you have been big all of your life, you know...

    you KNOW what it is like. And, to have the money and the means(and they were BIG when they got famous by the way, it did not stop them from being popular with fans nor did it stop them from working hard and being sucessful)to find relief from what WE know is a difficult disease to have: AND then they get "thin" only to lie about it is IMHO(as an obese person)WRONG.

    Whatever the media wants to sell you: losing weight is not easy for people with the disease: obesity. Maybe it is for those of average weight. I cannot speak for them. But, those of us who have been big since we were CHILDREN, would never say losing weight was: easy. Nor would we lie and say we were on a diet when we had surgery. Its insulting to other people who have the disease.

    My goddess. Growing up fat, in THIS country...leaves such scars emotionally it is a wonder we have any self esteem at all.

    I also do not like liars. Or lies. The absolute nerve it takes to be so desperate, fed up with trying to lose weight that you get surgery only to announce that is not what you did or that it was easy: is more than I can bear.

    Do those of "normal" or average size, realize that IF all those people who have "not gotten" surgery: really have gotten surgery how that makes a huge difference in the way society views the obese? It makes people of average size able to point a finger and say, "see they did it and it was easy! it works, diet and exercise."

    Do most people understand that those of us who are big from childhood run through desperate, dangerous methods to fix what is so' wrong' with us. I spent my teen years starving myself. STARVING myself, being on every diet known, beating myself up for every single crumb of food I ate. I would lose some weight but never enough to match up to what society calls normal, or of average weight.

    Soon, I don't know how and I don't know when. Maybe it will happen when I my generation is gone, things will be better for the next generation they will recognize obesity for what it is, a disease. And begin the process of looking for a cure. It is not being a big person, the physical appearance of being obese that I wish cured(that would come along with it but I must stand on big is beautiful)but the symptoms that come with it.

    IMHO: Someday the medical community will have to apologize for how they have treated people who had a disease they were born with and is GENETIC. It is like blaming people for getting cancer and telling them to "do something about it." Where is the bite my butt, emoticon? Oh, and its a big big butt, too.

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    Aretha is under no obligation to disclose her private, medical business. If it offends someone in the "obese" club, then seek therapy because it isn't personal towards you.

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