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    TX - Jeffrey Maxwell charged in abduction & sexual torture of 62yo woman

    Investigators have their eye on at least two old cases of missing women after a 62-year-old North Texas woman was rescued. Maxwell’s ex-wife Martha Martinez-Maxwell, who disappeared in the early 1990s, when Maxwell was living in Fort Worth.
    He said, however, his department is now re-examining a case from 2000, when Amelia Smith, 51, disappeared around the time her house and car near Azle caught fire.

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    As they questioned Jeffrey Maxwell on Saturday about the missing woman, she ran out of the house — screaming.
    "All of a sudden the door burst open, and she came rushing out screaming, 'I'm here! I'm here!'"
    He said it appears that Maxwell kidnapped and then tortured the 62-year-old woman for 13 days.
    "I hope I never see it again," F. said grimly. "To me, it was a house of horrors."

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    Thanks for the link, LMax, that is unbelievable.

    How many others suffered by this man? Surely there will be more.

    His MO was burning their home the night he took them. I wonder if there are other cases?

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    There is another woman missing from this area since last July 5 - Krishonda Townsend. There is a thread for her in the Missing Discussion forum. Shonda was only 19 went she disappeared, so I'm not sure it fits with this freak's MO. Still, it's unsettling to have so many women go missing from the same small region.

    There is also a thread for Lois Pearson - the victim who was found alive earlier this week - in the Located Discussion forum.

    I do hope LE is looking into all possibilities.

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    March 2011:

    She told police that Maxwell had "forced his way into her residence, assaulted her, tied her up and got her into his vehicle," according to the affidavit. Two days later, Maxwell allegedly returned to the woman's home and burned it down, she told police....

    Maxwell admitted that he had hit the woman several times with his fist and a rolling pin, according to court records. He told police that he bound the woman with handcuffs and "strung her up in a homemade device used for skinning deer," according to court documents.

    Police swept the home, finding handcuffs, ankle restraints, sex toys and a leather gag.

    "I hope I never see it again," Parker County Sheriff Randy Fowler told ABC Affiliate WFAA. "To me, it was a house of horrors."...

    Watauga police arrested Maxwell for aggravated assault in 1987 after Martha Maxwell was found bound with duct tape, drugged and with her throat slashed.

    A former detective who investigated the case told the Dallas Morning News that Martha Maxwell dropped the charges against her husband.

    Five years later, she disappeared.
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    February 2012 - a jury took less than an hour to find him guilty of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

    She testified last week that Maxwell abducted her from her rural home at gunpoint March 1 after beating her in the face and shackling her hands and legs...

    The woman told jurors that he whipped her and sexually assaulted her on a deer-skinning device in his garage and that she endured several more assaults as she was held captive for 12 days. She testified that he kept her chained to a bed and gagged during the first several days, and one day he locked her in a wooden box when he left to run errands...

    DNA evidence found on items at Maxwell's house supported the victim's account...

    But defense attorneys, who presented no evidence during the trial, had questioned the woman's credibility, reminding jurors that she initially said Maxwell was her friend and didn't want him arrested when she ran out of his house March 12, shocking authorities who had gone there to question Maxwell about her disappearance. The woman earlier told jurors that during her initial interview with authorities, she was trying to keep her promise not to implicate Maxwell – made when she feared for her life – and that he also had convinced her that someone had hired him to kill her.

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    In the early articles the woman was described as reclusive... I bet that after she escaped that monster's house she just wanted to go home and be left alone rather than giving interviews to LE describing everything that had happened to her. Probably once she had recovered a bit, mentally and physically, she felt strong enough to tell LE what had really happened. Well done to the jury for believing her.

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    She said Maxwell was mad when they arrived at his home, and he hit her with a whip and put her wrists in some type of device that hoisted her off the ground. Authorities have said it was Maxwell's homemade device for skinning deer, and photographs shown to the jury depict a long, thin wooden board with hooks attached. A cable was attached to the garage ceiling.

    "I don't know what it is but he pulled me up in the air," the woman is heard saying on the audiotape. "It scared me to death."

    She also said Maxwell told her his fingerprints were all over her house so he would have to torch it – which authorities say he did two days later...

    He said authorities had few leads until a neighbor reported seeing an unfamiliar blue car drive by twice on the day of the fire, and bank records showed no activity on the woman's account – except for a $500 check recently cashed by Maxwell. Investigators later found out that Maxwell had a blue car and once lived in that area.

    When authorities went to Corsicana on March 12, Maxwell answered the door and said he was alone – but then the woman ran out and said, "I'm here! I'm here!" Montgomery testified. She had a broken arm, head injury and multiple bruises, an emergency room doctor testified.

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    February 2012:

    Jeffrey Allen Maxwell, 59, was sentenced to three life sentences and will not be up for parole until he is 119-years-old...

    "That man was going to kill me; he had no choice but to kill me, because I could identify him and he didn't want to go to prison,' [the victim] said on Wednesday.

    'I feel very relieved [about the sentence], because that was one of my worries — that he would come after me and try to kill me if he ever gets out,' she said...

    In spite of the torture she was put through, she maintains that it is in her own best interest to forgive him.

    'Because that is the way that our religious faith teaches that. If I don't forgive him, I will go to hell. My religious faith teaches that, and I certainly don't want to go to hell over not forgiving that man,' Ms Peterson said.

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    Feb 2012:

    Maxwell and the woman, now 63, were neighbors in rural Parker County before he moved seven years ago. In the video, he tells investigators he stole panties from her house when they were neighbors but says “they weren’t sexy enough” as he and the investigator start laughing. He says he and the woman were acquaintances and never dated...

    During another interview, Maxwell said he tried bondage once with his second wife, Martha Martinez Maxwell...
    In several recorded interviews with investigators, Maxwell repeatedly denied setting his former neighbor’s house on fire two days after her abduction.

    But in a video recording, he tells investigators he returned to her house that day to get her mail so her neighbors wouldn’t realize she was gone...

    Investigators have testified they found whips, chains, sex toys, duct tape, the animal-skinning device, blood-stained sheets and guns in Maxwell’s house.

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