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    PA - Audrey Giannotti, 20, murdered in her Laureldale home, 13 Jan 2007

    He shot her in the head while she slept in bed with her two children (3 and 11 months old at the time). They found a 9mm handgun.
    Here is the link to the story

    They also included the criminal complaint

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    Dang. He looks pretty happy hoisting that beer on his FB page.


    You just never know.

    In May 2006 he was arrested for unlawful entry. It's about halfway down the page. A guy found him in his kitchen.

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    This one is local for me. Initially her fiancee was the main suspect. I'm so glad this guy was caught and her fiancee's name is cleared. Thoughts to him and their two little girls.


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    LE interviewed this guy in the early days of the investigation. Why in the world did it take them until October 2010 to retrieve his gun and send it, along with the spent slug for testing? I don't understand it. He told them early on that he owned a gun and that it was "at his mother's house". Seems LE might have dropped the ball on this one. Glad he's finally been arrested and that all of the unanswered questions are resolved.
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    Wow, it took all that time to get the gun to have it tested?

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    From September 2013:


    Cory Lee Vankeuren claimed he shouldn't have been convicted of first-degree murder for shooting a Berks County woman who wouldn't have sex with him. He insisted that he was far too high on cocaine to have formed a specific intent to kill.

    The state Superior Court rejected Vankeuren's argument, however, and denied his appeal of his conviction and life prison sentence for the January 2007 slaying of 20-year-old Audrey Giannotti, a mother of two.

    Investigators said Vankeuren, 38, of Emmaus, killed Giannotti in the basement of a friend's home where he was staying in Laureldale. He shot her in the head after she rebuffed his sexual advances — he showed up in her room uninvited and naked — and had called him names, court filings show.

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