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    LA - Aamiyah Rambin-Rachal, 3 mos, smothered while sleeping, 2 March 2011

    RIP Aamiyah.

    Wow, that's a new one, she was dreaming?


    Family members say Alicia Rambin was laying with her 3 month old daughter on the couch. That's when they say she must have rolled over and smothered her. They say she thought it was a dream and went into another room.


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    For the couple of years in the Cincinnati area they have been running safety messages on TV about not sleeping with your baby.

    But a funny thing happened. I became a GM last year. And my DGS had to be hospitalized in a small town hospital for a short time.

    The hospital is small enough that they don't have a pediatrics department. Kids are admitted to the regular floor. DGS went into a semi private room with two regular hosp beds and DD was told that someone had to be with him at all times. DD asked the nurses where DGS was supposed to sleep. And the nurses told her it was up to her. They could bring in a crib, or he could just sleep in the bed with her!

    Well GM said he needs a bed!

    I feel deeply sorry for this mother. Basically it seems like it was probably accidental, unless she was chemically impaired in some way. With a 3 month old baby, she probably didn't get a lot of rest. And if she was up late with the baby, it is no wonder that she fell asleep. And if the baby appeared to be sleeping when she first got up, she probably eased out of the bed to keep from waking it.

    I can remember when mine were little. Up at night with them, I fell asleep more than once.

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