Fort Dodge man serving three life sentences for Holly Michael’s death

Sessions Harper is hoping examination of evidence that may not have been presented at his 2007 murder, arson and kidnapping trial could free him from a lifetime in prison.

Assistant Webster County Attorney Cori Kuhn Coleman argued that Harper hasn't shown the "good cause" required by law in his requests as it would relate to an ineffective counsel claim. Further, Kuhn Coleman said, nothing that is being requested would change the outcome of the original trial.

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**He has been denied by the Supreme Court of Iowa in 2009. Opinion below.

A badly-burned woman was brought to the emergency room.
When the attending doctor asked what had happened, she responded,
“Sessions Harper raped me, tied me, and set my house on fire.” Holly
Michael died eighteen days later from the burns. At trial, Harper
objected to Michael’s statements, claiming their admission violated his
right to confrontation as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

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