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    FL - Boy, 8, Arrested for 5th Time in 4 Months

    HOLY COW !!! After seeing this I realize that my kids were angels !!


    Also see the Orlando Sentinel story at

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    WOW... sounds like his behavior just turned recently.... I wonder hwat happened to cause him to begin to act like this??

    I feel bad he's already special needs...

    I don't think he needs to be in the juvenile detention facility but maybe a residential treatment center that can offer him schooling and is trained to deal with such behaviors because honestly even special needs teachers are limited in what they can do in their classrooms.
    There is no easy answer for how to help this child

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    If the best our schools can offer when working with disability students is to call the cops when the kid persists in being unruly, then our children have no hope. There HAS to be a better way to deal this type of children.

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    Wonder what this specially designed "unit" is that the boy spends his time at school in? Maybe that's making things worse or he could have childhood onset mental illness. I'm sure the juvie dept. and school (one and the same really IMO) are busily getting him on meds, checked out, making home visits, counseling,and blaming his mother. Sometimes though, getting sent to juvie is the only way to really get some kids help or into rehab if the parent has little or no insurance or money. He definitely does need to go into residential treatment for awhile to be evaluated.

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