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    WA - Barbara Anderson for student sex abuse, Kent, 2011

    Interesting that the good people of Washington state have to rely on a British tabloid to identify a child rapist/predator in their midst. Yikes. Talk about a double standard. The comments under the WA article say it all. If this were a male teacher, he'd be named and tarred and feathered. Not OK.

    The British article:


    Iím getting laid by my teacher': Woman arrested for having affair with her student after he confesses to uncle

    "A female teacher at a Washington State school has been arrested and placed on leave after allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old student.
    Barbara Jeanne Anderson, 37, was booked into King County Jail last week suspected of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor and was released pending charges after a pupil's mother grew concerned about the maths teacherís relationship with her son. Court documents also revealed the student had told his uncle he was Ďgetting laid by a teacherí...."


    "...A police investigation began on March 8 when the pupilís mother approached staff at Kentlake High School after she discovered an Ďinordinate number of text messages between her son and the teacher..."


    "...Anderson sent almost 800 text messages to the boy between January 15 and February 21, including more than 100 texts in one 24-hour period...."


    "...Police allege the maths tutor groped the boy in her classroom and later drove him to a housing development near his home where she performed a sex act on him. The age of consent in Washington is 16 but statutes make exceptions for teachers or other adults in positions of authority to have sexual relations with anyone under 18...."

    more at link

    And the article from WA state:


    Kent math teacher accused of having sex with student

    No identification but we do learn that she's married. That's helpful, isn't it?

    Interesting how this compares with the arrest and rape charges against an OK coach for having consensual sexual contact with an 18 year old student. The law there calls it rape if the younger person is a student under 20. I'm not so sure I can agree with that. We have a thread on that case. Slightly O/T, but once again, the age of consent is so confusing. It's 16 in Washington but if you drive across the Columbia River bridge into Portland, OR, it's 18. How in the heck are kids supposed to keep this all straight?

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    We need to keep in mind that Chad Schacht of Eugene, OR was just sentenced to 5 1/2 years after pleading guilty to the same crime and his name plastered on the front page for days. This was 250 miles away. I really don't like that we have such vast differences, state by state.


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    Way to go Bab's Anderson you predator.

    Good for this young man's mother. Boys at 17 years old are so quiet. It's easy to dismiss things going on with them. I'm glad the mom checked it all out. Thank goodness for texting, right?

    Oh yeah and this "teacher" was way in the dark if she thought a 17 year old boy would not tell another male he was getting with his teacher. I'm glad he told the Uncle.

    Double standard. Has to end.

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