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    NE-Child Severly punished for stealing candy


    Child forced to eat candy and drink soda until he threw up. Poor kid, there are obviously other ways to teach your child not to steal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorenoI View Post

    Child forced to eat candy and drink soda until he threw up. Poor kid, there are obviously other ways to teach your child not to steal!
    I stole exactly once as a child. Once. My mother discovered the item I had stolen and took me back to where I got it from. She insisted I admitted to what I had done, returning the item, and taking a part of my allowance to pay for it as the item was already open and used. I will never ever forget that moment. I never stole again.

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    Disguised, your mother wanted to teach you moral responsibility, and like so many other parents, she went about in the proper manner. Unfortunately, the sadistic perp in this story cared less about teaching his son right from wrong than exercising power and control over a helpless child. Apparently he didn't have a mother like yours and mine.
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    Oh this is far worse. Be prepared to cry or want to go make this Ron Jeremy look alike do pushups on his knuckles.

    This little boy just came to live with this monster and perhaps a momster in November. This poor kid was in 14 different foster homes. Fourteen!!!!!! He was taken from his biological family for guess what? Abuse.

    Hintz made the boy do pushes ups on rocks on his bare knuckles. Oh yeah while he had his foot on the childs back. When the boy could do no more he made him jog endlessly at his shop (what's that a torture chamber shop) until the boy bled with blisters.

    It goes on and there was an a report prior to abuse by Hintz.


    O.K. lil rant. Hello, people why would you adopt a child and have zero parenting skills? Why in God's dear name would you not "Get it" that the poor kid took the granola bar because of his past experiences. Ummmm, maybe the child had to fight for food at one point ya think?

    Just like Bessie and Disguised my dad did the same thing. I never stole, but my brother did. The only thing worse than a thief? A liar. You steal ya might wind up doing both. My dad marched my brother over to the corner store, and made him confess, and pay it back out of his saved money. Then when he got home my dad fingerprinted him. Well pretended to. From there on in if his mitts were on anything didn't belong to him he was toast.

    How can one poor kid get tossed around so much and then wind up with this guy as a parental figure?

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    I would say both of these beings are sub human - she took his Valentine candy and mashed it with a hammer, placed it in a bowl and made him eat it with 10 glasses of Dr Pepper! (He finished 5 before throwing up).

    He stole a granola bar from a classmate but the report also stated that the child was only given a piece of plain bread and a glass of water for dinner the night before!

    He's 7 - removed from his biomom for abuse and had 14 foster homes before landing with these monsters! I'm so glad to see this was caught before he became a fatality - but how did these two ever pass inspection to begin with??

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    This guy has some serious problems of his own. That poor, poor little boy. Hope DCF or whoever has the power makes SURE he is with real humans next time, not subhumans.

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