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Thread: John Shear - A hero for all time (90-yr-old man saves 6-yr-old girl)

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    John Shear - A hero for all time (90-yr-old man saves 6-yr-old girl)

    Truly a great story... This man threw himself in front of a horse to save a little girl - a little girl he didn't even know.

    March 'heroism' fades, but John Shear is a hero for all time

    Shear is the 90-year-old Santa Anita worker who earlier this month stepped in front of a runaway horse to save a 6-year-old girl's life and could remain hospitalized for months. If we can tear ourselves away from the NCAA tournament on TV, let's salute him.


    ...he is lying today in a hospital with a multiple pelvic fractures, a fractured cheekbone, and gashes above his left eye and down his left arm.
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    Wow!!! What a story
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    Thanks Belimom! Its always nice to read about an adult who isn't hurting a child. What a great guy.

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    W@W! He's beyond heroic! What a wonderful man!

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    Truly impressive gentleman....what a story!

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    Oh Gosh there went this mornings mascara lol Thank God for John Shear!
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

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