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    Let Jose have his moment... it may be the only one he gets today. Dorthy Clay Sims will handle the forensics I believe.

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    the defense wants to exclude evidence from the cadaver dogs. they are trying to establish handler bias. and because of that the evidence is unreliable.

    okay. InSession said this: Jose is trying to prove handler bias!!!!
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    Legal assistant ICA going through the Gerus binder at the table..oh boy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by doogiesgirl View Post
    I was thinking the same thing.

    I would think it would be advantageous to be charming, kind, to put people's guard down....but I guess JB doesn't mind getting the witness's guard up from the get go.

    I think what Jose is trying to do is get them rattled from the beginning so they don't have clarity of mind. A real cheap shot, IMO.

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    HAHAHA - JB having to cool his jets while deputy looks through the ENTIRE log.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaerieB View Post
    Good luck, Lera!! Just a guess, but this may not have been the best day to try. If I wasn't a smoker, JB would make me start today with his snark and smirk.
    heck I'm thinking of drinking....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiaM View Post
    JB trying awfully hard to mimic LDB's style from yesterday, but, sadly, only comes across as rude, pompous and sarcastic. The other difference is this witness (the dog handler for Gerus) does not also come across as pompous. He isn't as sharp as the dog handler yesteday, but he seems honestly trying to remember details and give answers the best he can.

    Fail for JB.

    believe it or not I kinda feel sorry for him, I too have the problem of sounding like a snotty petulant child when tying to come across as assertive. personally I just dont bother typically as the embarassment isnt worth it :$

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    Yeah sir, go through the entire log from 2003 until 2008. This is important says JB. Why??
    Why are the SA and BP allowing this during a frye hearing??

    Injustice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

    Copyright that Cindy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotdivein View Post
    JB going after Forgey trying to get to handler bias.

    I think Forgey is holding his own quite well, considering that JB is being (an unusual person).
    Yes he is..

    Baez is condescending and it will go against him come the real trial when ICA's life is on the line...he will loose...JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

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    I want Jose to define: handler bias. if i was on a jury...this would not float. of course he is trying to get this thrown out so a jury will not hear it.
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    Thank you all for the props! It is hard any day.

    I think this witness is doing pretty dang well.

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    I'm trying to find something on double or single blind searches and so far only see this mentioned with dogs used to detect cancer in living patients from their urine.

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    anyone listening on wftv 9?? I don't have any sound. Is it just me? I have the tv on tru tv but we know how many commercials they take. Is CM there? Or am I not seeing him as well?
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    STATEMENT OF BELIEF: JB has NEVER owned, appreciated or cherished a PET, never mind a DOG!

    REASON for BELIEF: ANIMALS "communicate" and IMHO, sometimes BETTER THAN "certain" humans I have "experienced"......including but NOT limited to folks within this CASE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaMoon08 View Post
    This is just a general observation, so I am not trying to offend anyone, but I have noticed that female deputies (not detectives) seem to be much more organized and they handle being on the witness stand a lot better. No offense to the male deputies because I believe they do a fine job, I just think the female deputies are just better witnesses.
    Wonder if this is true because women are supposively much better communicators????

    Just sayin'.....

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