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    TN - Woman Arrested At Motel For Prostitution, Child Neglect


    An undercover officer met 25-year-old Melissa Dillon in a motel room after responding to her internet advertisement. She was arrested for prostitution after agreeing to sex for $200.

    She had an extra key and when they discovered it belonged to another room they found the 20 month old baby all alone crying in his playpen.

    My heart breaks to think of him all alone crying wondering where his mommy went. My son does that sometimes when I leave him in the leaving room with his father and I'm just going to the restroom, I barely get my pants up and I'm rushing back to him. Hate to see him crying

    Dillon told police she left the boy to conduct business. Yeah, because that makes it so much better right? That darn Craigslist! It's all their fault!

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    She has major issues, but at least she didn't conduct business in front of the child, and she left him in a play pen where he couldn't get hurt he was scared to death to be alone i'm sure.. but at he was safe

    This woman may have a chance at being a good mother if she can be pulled out of the clutches of prostitution and get clean from alcohol or drugs ( a lot of prostitutes are addicts) and get some stable housing, parenting classes and a stable job that doesn't include selling herself.

    ETA: The article didn't mention the child was underfed, in dirty surroundings, bruised etc...
    IF that was the case I'd have a different opinion of the mom. But if she truly left him well fed in a clean room, with a clean diaper... I think there is a chance for her..
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    There's got to be more to this story. This woman is from Austin, Texas and she met the undercover agent at an airport hotel in Nashville, TN.

    The baby was on an entirely different floor.


    There's no need to go to another State to prostitute yourself. I'd think an addict wouldn't have enough money to travel and rent an extra room. I bet there's someone else in on this. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Poor little. God forbid she was murdered or died somehow and the baby was left with nobody knowing he was there.

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