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    Boy, 10, arrested for driving


    updated 3/24/2011 9:18:53 PM ET 2011-03-25T01:18:53

    Boy, 10, arrested for driving off in parents' SUV in a snit
    'We tried stopping him at first, and he just floored it and started driving faster,' mom says

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    I think a trip to the woodshed is in order!

    Nosy by Nature and a Websleuther by choice

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    Ida beat his @ss!!! Then he'd sit in detention for QUITE A WHILE!!!!!

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    When asked what he learned, he said, "In jail, they make you sleep on metal beds."

    ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!?!? If he were my kid, he'd be learning a heck of alot more when he got home... That is... if I decided to bail him out... I'd probably make him sit there until he could learn a better lesson...
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