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    FL -Weirsdale-Man Performed Sex Act In Front Of Girl At Bus Stop


    "Vences pulled up his shirt and dropped his pants to his ankles before committing a sex act while facing her."
    At least he didn't touch her, but i'm sure she's traumatized! Hopefully he goes to jail for a while....because next time he could actually touch a child!!!!

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    That's one time that it would have been great if a child was quick with the cell phone camera!! Poor thing was probably shocked beyond belief.

    I found it interesting that the article stated that he "flashed" her and then went on to say he performed a sex act, presumably masturbation. To me, those are two very different things. I'm assuming the sex act is far closer to the reality. YUCK.

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    On foot no less. He had the audacity to just walk up to a child and do this kind of cr*p? Depraved.

    Thank goodness the other people arrived because that poor kid had to have been so freaked out.

    That has happened to me more than once when I was young and heaven help me back then you didn't call the cops. Also, even sadder was if there was a group of us girls even at that age we'd have screamed at the guy and yelled stuff. Looking back and knowing what I know now I feel guilty. How many of those whack jobs and I use that term loosely have physically hurt someone?


    BTW, bus stops. You're a sitting duck. Freaks know you're standing there until a bus comes they'll circle and commit their lewd a*s acts. They're like vultures.

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    Oh my! This happened to me as an adult and it was very scary and truamatizing. I feel for this poor girl!

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