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    KY - Mom's Boyfriend Beat, Bit, Bound Whining 4-Year-Old


    A 25-year-old Louisville man faces charges after his girlfriend said he bit, beat and bound her 4-year-old daughter because she whined too much, police said.

    Really? I didn't know 4 year olds were supposed to be mature. Hmmm all the 4year olds i have met are little brats, but I don't go and beat them.

    The girl's mother called police. FINALLY a mother who calls police!! A mother who does the right thing. Goodness, how scared this little girl must have been that man looks very large and threatning (nothing against overweight people, as I am one myself).

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    Nice... I think most of us would whine, scream and curse if we were bound with a phone cord, hit with a bat, bitten and had soap put in our mouth by this smirky cretin.


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    And he had a machete under the seat of his vehicle. Fun!

    LCoastMom, you said it, he's a cretin! The 4 year old was probably whining because it was the only way she knew how to protest her mother's horrible choice of boyfriends...

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