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    Fl - School bus attendant charged with molesting special-needs student


    Desir, 39, was taken into custody Wednesday on a charge of sexual battery of a child. According to an affidavit for his arrest, Desir exposed himself and put his hand down the girl's pants during a bus ride to an after-school program on Tuesday afternoon.

    This poor girl, she had trouble telling her mother details of what had happened.

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    It's time to stop the wrist slapping and get serious on this perverts. I'll gladly pay for more prisons and let's bring back the chain gangs. No videos, TV's, weight rooms. 30 years of hard labor will keep this disgrace from hurting any one else's kid.

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    They really should have cameras on all school buses. I thought they already did.

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    What a POS. Who does that? Not only to a child, but a child who has trouble communicating.

    Poor girl. Bless her for going to her mom. Bless her mom for immediately seeking help and getting this full grown predator off that bus.

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    Parents of special needs children are forced by necessity to trust far more adults with their children than those of typically developing children. It's so dang hard to put your baby on that bus, trust me. And then to have something like this happen.

    Bless that little girl for communicating. She's a brave girl. And she most likely saved many other children some heartache. Someone's been working with her on learning about appropriate touch.

    jjenny, I've heard about cameras on buses for years now but they're sure not in our area. We've been fortunate to have the exact same drivers for the last 18 years. There's three of them and we even know their families and where they live. I feel very lucky. It's all about communication.

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