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    NH - Planning Board Member Kidnaps Woman From Craig's List

    Jeffrey Gray aged 48 of Windham, New Hampshire answered a woman's Craig's List Ad as she was searching for a place to live in New Hampshire. The woman is from another State, but so far I haven't found where.

    The two corresponded via computer and the woman flew in. Gray who is on Salem, New Hamshire's planning board kidnapped the woman, raped her and held her for three days. He then drove her to the airport and left her. The woman went to the first authority she had seen.


    What the heck is going on there? Seemingly normal guy ups and kidnaps a woman? He's being held on $50,000 bail although I'm sure he could raise that loot real quick.

    The only thing I could find about him apart from his planning board stuff is something with the Family Courts as of recent.

    More at link with mugshot

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    NH - Concord-official kidnaps and rapes woman check out his criminal record!!!!

    I cannot believe this man is sitting on a town council it defies reason!!!!


    new charges-Salem planning board member Jeffrey Gray was arraigned Wednesday on rape, kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault charges.

    Old charges-Gray, 48, has a record of arrests for criminal threatening and criminal mischief and a history of restraining orders linked to domestic abuse,
    Gray is the subject of a protection order filed by an ex-girlfriend who said he threatened and abused her and her children.
    She wrote that Salem police came to her house at 1:30 a.m. local time one morning asking if she knew his whereabouts, because he had called a suicide hotline and they thought he might be a threat to her.

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    This guy is a time bomb! I hope they keep him behind bars for a long, long time. Wow.

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    NYC woman lured over CraigsList to New Hampshire home where man raped, imprisoned her

    More info:

    Um.... So okay, after her ordeal, he promptly took her to board her plane....

    Can't say that I'm surprised she flagged down a cop!!

    The elected planning board member attacked the 34-year-old victim after responding to her craigslist ad, where she was seeking a new home in New England, authorities charged.

    Gray, 48, convinced the woman to visit his rented Windham, N.H., home on March 5. Police said she was instead taken captive, raped and held for three days before Gray drove her to Boston's Logan International Airport.

    Instead of boarding a plane on March 9, the victim approached a state trooper and detailed her terrifying stay at Gray's lakefront home in a quiet town of 15,000.

    The suspect, who was arraigned by video on Wednesday from the Rockingham County jail, has a rap sheet that includes criminal threatening and criminal mischief.
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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