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    Mexico - Jean Succar Kuri for sex abuse, child porn, Cancun, 2006

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read of this sentence. Lydia Cacho is one of my heros. She's an amazing woman who has refused to turn away from evil and who continues to put herself at risk to protect children. She recently toured the US and visited colleges talking about her work. I've always been curious as to why her award winning book has not been translated into English. You can buy a translated copy of just about any bestseller within weeks of release. Why not this important piece of investigative journalism?


    Cancun ~ A prominent Mexican businessman accused of luring poor girls to his home was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years on child pornography charges in a case that tarnished the reputations of a state governor and another businessman.

    Jean Succar Kuri, a legal U.S. resident who was extradited to Mexico in 2006, was convicted of child pornography and abuse of minors, a federal court in the Caribbean resort of Cancun announced...."


    "...Prosecutors said Succar lured poor girls to his home so that he and his friends could have sex with them. Xavier Olea Perez, a lawyer for the victims, said the case involved seven minors who were photographed and videotaped in sexual positions...."


    "...While he tried to fight extradition, the case gained notoriety following the arrest of Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, who wrote a book about pedophilia in Cancun that linked Succar to a prominent businessman in the city of Puebla. Audio tapes were released apparently featuring then Puebla Gov. Mario Marin and the Puebla businessman plotting to jail Cacho. Cacho, who was charged with libel and slander, was whisked 900 miles from Cancun by a caravan of Puebla state police, briefly jailed and charged with libel in December 2005.

    She was eventually cleared of criminal charges. In 2007, Cacho won the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation.

    more at link

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    About Senora Cacho:


    Her book:

    "Los Demonios del Edén" (2005) Paperback: 224 p. Grijalbo Mondadori, ISBN 968-5957-58-4. México.

    Why is this book suppressed? Mexicans and Americans all need to read Cacho's story. Millions of American citizens travel with their families to Mexican resorts each year and this is where Cacho proves that the pedophiles are operating, with a great deal of protection.

    This site says that a recent book, "Slaves of Power" has been released in 8 languages. What about the one listed above? That's always been a mystery to me. Note that she's also been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    Can someone who speaks Spanish help me out, please. I'm having an impossible time finding this woman's work. Are there actually any English versions of any of her work?

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