Friday morning, the beginning of Homecoming Weekend, and this is big news. I live halfway between Stratton, Colorado and Burlington, Colorado. Hubby went to shool in Stratton. Both men are familiar to us.

The Town Marshall is new to the job, but has been a Kit Carson County Deputy Sheriff for several years. He is currently circulating a petition to recall the Sheriff. The sheriff won't investigate crimes, just reports them. The one major crime he investigated was when he "busted" a major marijuana growing operation. $6 million, street value. He bungled the whole thing and the case was dropped.

The man who was shot, Doug Leibl, was 44 years old and a problem for quite some time. He'd caused disturbances in the past and had always been able to be talked down. He had a long time drug problem, and would blow up in a second. Dan Cooper was stabbed where his bulletproof vest didn't protect him. There was $5000 raised for him and his wife at the town bar-b-que the day after.

The man killed had charged my MIL $500 to paint a room at her old house last April. He never finished the job, and she was scared to death of him, so she dropped the issue. Too many Stratton residents have had confrontations with him and don't seem to be that upset about his death.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, spent all day at the scene (his mother's house). They are required to investigate any police shooting.

This comes on top of the area's first Amber Alert last week. There was such a police and LE presence in the area Friday and Saturday. I know LE gets their adrenelin flowing after incidents such as this.