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    TX-Man accused of raping daughter, taking photos and video


    A 39-year-old man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of raping his daughter and taking photographs and video of her while she was nude.

    What makes this even worse the mom knew something was going on!!!

    Her mother said she didn't know her daughter had been raped, but she told investigators she once walked in on the defendant touching her daughter's private area in May 2007, the court record states.

    The mother said she went back to her husband after friends warned her she could lose the children.

    WOW, really you call those people your friends?? This story has made me really mad. It gets better.

    But the woman said she caught him a year later with his hand inside her daughter's shirt, and she began looking for evidence to report him, according to the court document.

    The Express-News does not identify victims of rape, and therefore is not identifying the suspect.

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    Sorry no pass from me - she caught him in the act in 2007 and 2008 -

    and she began looking for evidence to report him, according to the court document.
    Earlier this year, the mother said she discovered nude and half-nude photos and video of her daughter on the man's computer and cell phone, the arrest warrant affidavit states.

    She also said she found a hidden camera in the bathroom clock.
    It took her 3 years to find this evidence while he continued to rape her daughter...

    The girl told school officials her father first molested her when she was 4 and raped her several times between ages 10 and 11, according to a court document.
    Nope not quite buying Mama's story.

    Link in OP

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    Evidence? Your old man is touching you daughters private parts. Then ya cacth him with his hand down the child's shirt. How much more evidence did the lady need?

    Man, that gave that pervert more time to attack this child.

    Praise God I never had to go through that situation because I'd probably be in Muncy right now being someone's wifey.

    That's three years. Three years this poor kid had to suffer through after Momma saw what she saw.

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