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    Fl - Man beats child for wetting herself


    The little girl, who appeared to Brown to have trouble walking, told investigators she was being beaten with the belt because she had wet herself and vomited. Bruises and welts were found along the girl’s backbone, arms, legs, hands and thighs.

    Who in the world thinks that beating the child will teach them to use the restroom, umm I think not!

    According to the report, he spontaneously told her, “Look, I have a right to discipline my child, and nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do to my child.”

    Yet, it wasn't his child, it was his girlfriends, who stood behind her man (meaning she gave him permission to beat her)...ughhh sick! Major difference between a legal "spank" and just going crazy with the belt.


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    Mom gave him permission, but wasn't arrested? Again, time to stop the wrist slapping and get some serious jail time going.

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    Are you flippin kidding me? Six foot and 280 pounds whooping a little child with a belt?


    If I had to live under the same roof with that guy I'd be puking and peeing my pants as well.

    No comment on momster.

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