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    KY - Louisville mom locks tots out during tornado warning, mom asleep inside

    23-year-old Ashley White was arrested Monday afternoon.

    SOO WRONG!!!!
    What on earth is Opana?

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    West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) Florida

    Metro police suspect they're seeing more opana on the streets because of the absence of another popular drug. "We started to notice back around August after the reformulation of oxycontin that people on the street were looking for another drug to get high on," says McGuire.

    Police believe the drug is being brought into the Louisville area from the south. "A lot of it does seem to be coming from out of state. Most of it that is hitting the street does seem to be coming from Florida," says McGuire.

    Yeah doesn't surprise me at all!

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    I know that neighborhood. Very well and like the back of my hand. That is the same neigborhood where Ivan Aguilar-Cano was abducted and murdered.

    It's inner city not suburbs. There is no reason a 1 yr old and 3 yr old should ever be left outside unsupervised but especially not in that neighborhood. There are streets with heavy heavy traffic.

    I have never heard of this drug. Seems like everyday there is a new one I read about.

    She says she was asleep and thought the kids were in the house. Who locked the door? If it was locked which one of the kids unlocked it and then locked it back once they got outside? (I'm being sassy) Not only does she need help with self admitted drug use she's not very creative with the lies. Terrible for those babies. JMHO.

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    It's a prescription narcotic (pain reliever) http://www.drugs.com/opana.html . I have never heard of this drug and have been in nursing for 20 years :P The generic name is oxymorphone, which I think I may have heard of . . . anyway it's only recently been released as an oral medication (as opposed to rectal or intravenous). Similar to Oxycontin if it is in the extended release form.

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    For the love of all things Blessed why were the kids outside to begin with? You can be high as all get out and still make sure your kids are in the dang house.

    Didn't want those kids to mess with her high. Babies. She could have OD'd for heaven's sake and then what?

    O.K. I am no Doctor and I have no professional training. That's been around for awhile on the streets, but scarce. Here anyway. Expensive. Anything time released an addict is going to find a way to get it, and pay for it. It's actually preferred by some opiate addicts to oxycontin. It can be deadly like other opiates of course.

    Now the woman asks the cops for help. Admittedly she needs help. Well, her kids need help. Lots of help. They need their mother. Dirty and hungry children left in severe weather. That's what drugs get you!

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    Poor babies. Selfish, self absorbed, self serving mom. Unbelievable. I had also never heard of this drug. The problem with fighting addiction and the problems that come with it from a LE perspective is, when you focus on the drugs and not the addicts, sure, you may chase one drug off the streets, or reduce its prevalance, but there are always two ready to come in and take its place.

    Sometimes I think we as a country need to be more like Canada. Stop incarcerating addicts and spend that money treating them. At least we might have a chance of getting some of these parents back so their children can know what it is to have a real parent.

    I dont know. I am just sick of what drugs are robbing this countrys children of.
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