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    LA Bald Eagle found Beheaded in a Ditch

    Disturbing news at any time, but moreso after watching the hatchlings on the eagle cam.

    Beheaded Bald Eagle Found in Franklin Parish Ditch

    State and federal wildlife officials are looking for a person who beheaded a bald eagle in Franklin Parish and left the bird in a ditch.

    It's at least the fifth bald eagle killed this year. Bald eagles shot earlier this year were found Jan. 8 in Letts, Iowa; in late February in Pikeville, Tenn.; March 8 east of Crossville, Tenn.; and in late March in Wise, N.C.

    La. Wildlife and Fisheries agents believe the bird was shot. A
    necropsy is scheduled.

    The crime is a federal felony, and if caught, the perp could face a $250,000 fine and two years in prison.

    I'm not asking how could you. We now all too well that human beings are capable of the most horrible crimes. But why would you?
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    We have a tribe of Meskwaki Indians a couple towns over that were killing the bald eagles and using them for their feathers for traditional headdresses and in ceremonies.

    They got in huge trouble. That's the only excuse i've ever heard that ever made a lick of sense the rest are just cruel people with nothing better to do except desecrate a beautiful animal.

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