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    OH - Columbus Couple Charged, Bite Marks Found On 22-Month-Old Boy

    This is horrible!
    22 months, 2 months and 4 yrs old
    Big hugs being sent out to Grandma! I wish all abused children had a grandma like you!!

    "Angela Patete, told police that she "uses a spatula that she called a paddle to discipline the children."

    "the boy had an injury to his genitalia and a number of unexplained injuries to his body, which included human bite marks"

    "Patete, and her boyfriend, Kyle Petersen, both 22, face felony charges of child endangering"


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    Peeples is my eagle buddy, so I know she'll understand ... but we have a LOT to learn from the animal kingdom about how to treat our young...

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    Why would someone think it's okay to disipline a 2 month old? Like if they would even understand, at that age they just sit and look around! At 22 months maybe teaching them what No means would resolve alot instead of using the "paddle".

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    I read this earlier today when I could not post. TY for this thread peeples. Just awful!

    I want to know exactly what a 2 month old baby does to warrant "discipline"!??!?

    Did it soil its diaper? Did it cry for a feeding? WTH?

    Just sickening. Thank all that is holy and good that grandma stepped in and took the 22 month old to the ER. I just cannot imagine what that poor grandmother has gone through with these [unusual persons] popping out and raising these precious children.

    Bless you grandma! Bless you.
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