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    PA - Grandmom Abused And Kept Prisoner

    Edward Malm a fine upstanding citizen of Upper Darby has been arrested for abusing his own grandmother and virtualy keeping her prisoner in the basement.

    Malm aged 40 lived with his grandmom in her home, but confined her to the basement so he could smoke crack and party. He took the batteries from her power chair. She asked for help with a bed and he pushed her and grabbed her.

    The always eloquent Superintendent Of Police Michael Chitwood said "He's a bum lving off his grandmom". He also said on our nightly news that "Crackheads are morons". Malm was found in a bed upstiars with crack pipe in hand asleep. He's now locked up and his poor granny is in the hands of relatives. Poor lady.


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    From that link:

    Malm was arraigned on charges of two subsections of simple assault for allegedly causing bodily injury and for putting another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury, harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    I hope they'll be adding kidnapping charges.

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