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    OR Father rescues teen daughter from sex offender

    Way to go dad!! I'm so glad that she called him!!!


    A Milwaukie teen says a sex offender tried to grab her while she was walking home Thursday evening near the McLoughlin Plaza.

    Her father who came to the rescue and tackled the suspect.

    Police cited Douglas Quinn and are charging him with harassment.

    Shelby Harrington, 13, says Quinn came up asking for her name and then tried to grab her by the shoulder.

    She was able to get away and use her cell phone to call her dad. That’s when the two started driving around the area looking for the suspect on their own. A few blocks away, they spotted him.
    Seems to me that he did a little more than just harass her...

    The girl's father:
    “I grabbed him, body slammed him and put him in a nice headlock and waited till the deputies showed up,” says the teen’s dad, Brett Harrington.
    The Harringtons are hoping Quinn will face more serious charges.
    I guess they are!!! They just experienced a nightmare that could have been worse, & more than likely will be for someone if his charges aren't upgraded!!!
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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    A repeat sex offender trying to grab you is harassment? And?

    Dangerous man.


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    I doubt he'll face more than simple harassment. I believe he would have to kidnap, sexually assualt someone, and murder them before he faces any real consequences. It it such a shame that one or more young women need to be sacrificed, and sacrifice it is, before something is done about the perp.

    We may have the best justice system, gag, but it doesn't begin to protect the innocent.

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    he daddy will always be her hero now

    we need more like him

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyL View Post
    he daddy will always be her hero now

    we need more like him
    I agree, but I'm also glad the headline didn't read "Father shot tackling sex offender"... You never know these days, kwim?
    Fly high and free, Jhessye ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by belimom View Post
    I agree, but I'm also glad the headline didn't read "Father shot tackling sex offender"... You never know these days, kwim?
    Or how about Father is accused of assualt and battery against Sex Offender, our system is just so messed up!

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    Way to go Dad! So glad she got away.

    IMO, I don't know if the SO is on probation, but if so, I would hope that the SO would face more serious charges by his attempt to get this girl.

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