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    Tyler Perry's Promise to GA grandma whose house burnt down


    tyler perry kept his promise to a grandma in georgia that he'd buy her a new house after her old one burned down. the grandma has a lot of grandchildren she takes care of and is 88 years old.


    here's a different link.

    i thought it was real sweet of tyler, as his own mom passed in 2009 and he really has a heart!

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    I really like him, I enjoy his movies, his humble attitude, his giving nature and his honesty in confronting the issue of sexual abuse in his past. As a man, let alone a black man, that topic is so taboo and so little raised in the public eye. I had a great deal of respect for him discussing such a painful part of his childhood so openly.
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    I love Tyler Perry! For many of the same reasons listed above by tlcox. He's a great man.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE his Madea movies. Funny Funny Funny!!!!!

    Doing this for this elderly lady is so sweet and shows what a class act Tylor is.
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    and what a great example he's setting for those kids, who apparently don't have parents in their lives ...

    I believe this one thing he has done will have a huge ripple effect!

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