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    OR - Yachats, Skeletal Remains, 1 Male, 1 Fem, Apr'11 - Nathan Dix, Annie Welch

    YACHATS, Ore. -- A hiker found the remains of two people off a hiking trail at the Cape Perpetua scenic area, just south of Yachats.


    Troopers say it appears to be the bodies of a male and female.

    They think both were at the location for a significant period of time.

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    Wonder if there were clues to their identity or they have a missing couple in mind. Just because the article says they're investigating cause of death but it doesn't say they're trying to find out their identity.

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    I can only find two instances (excluding parental abductions) since 1990 of a male and a female missing on the same day from the same city in Oregon.

    Eugene Harold Hyatt and Kami Luella Vollendroff (2001)

    The circumstances are off though, They appear to have been lost in the ocean (unless their apparent shoreline accident was staged).

    Sergio Godinez Valencia and Laura Fuentes Valencia (2010)

    They appear to be runaways. (But sometimes bad things happen to runaways).
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    Carl, Laura and Sergio have been found. NCMEC took them down a few weeks ago. NAMPN, unfortunately, is rarely up-to-date.

    ITA that Eugene and Kami's circumstances are off. But it's possible. If they actually did get washed away, it's very unlikely that they would wash up together in the exact same spot. But, like you said, if it was staged, or if they just decided to get away for a bit, Yachats is only about 35 miles down the coast from where they were last seen.

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    What about missing couples up and down the west coast? They may have been traveling, picked up a hitchhiker and then were killed, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    What about missing couples up and down the west coast? They may have been traveling, picked up a hitchhiker and then were killed, for example.
    Looking in California, there are a few, but none appear to have circumstances consistent with this case.

    Since 1990 - Male and Female missing on same date from same city (over age 15):
    Joseph and Summer McStay (and their two children) - Crossed border into Mexico, and apparently never returned.

    Benita Villa and two sons Francisco and Jose Granados

    Thomas and Jackie Hawks - Likely murdered at sea

    Herold Bock and daughter Jeannie Chavez - Likely lost at sea.

    Keith Chau and Ai Wei Kaung

    None (except 2 cases from Seattle on 09-Apr-02 that appear to be unrelated to each other)

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    Police ID bodies found on Central Ore. Coast

    The bodies of a couple found April 9 south of Yachats have been identified as Nathan Miles Dix, 31, and Annie Jo Welch, 31, both of the Eugene area.


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