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    FL - Mother jailed after encouraging daughter to fight


    Just when you thought teenagers were out of control, then you meet this MoM.

    Police said 26-year-old Gerdine Edouard's 11-year-old daughter had problems with another student at Linda Lentin Elementary School. "She drove to the school with a suspended license and before going into the school, she observed the other student that she was there to speak to the administration about, and she decided to take matters into her own hands," said Miami-Dade Schools Police Sergeant Ivan Silva.

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    Ohhhhhhhhh the daughter was losing so the mom jumped in and hit the child? O.K. At first I thought "Well maybe the lady figured if her child fought back the problem would be solved". Not advocating for fighting, but these kids are wicked mean.

    Then another thing came to my mind. If that was me and I was losing a fight my dad would send me back and say "Fight him or fight me". This is why I am so ladylike.

    Here in Philly? No lie those little kids might have all ganged up on that mom and beat her.

    Moral of the story. You have a problem with your child at school keep on walking to the administrators. Do not stop and slap a kid for heaven sakes. Suspended license. Another good lesson to teach your child.

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