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    NY - Couple Accused of Torturing Toddler


    The couple, charged with assault in the second degree, each gave videotaped statements about the alleged abuse. Sources say their stories broke down over time. The question now is whether they implicated each other for the treatment of their two-year-old.

    The incidents occurred in January. But police allege the abuse was on-going and the details almost too difficult to hear. They include:

    •strapping the toddler in a car seat and placing it in the bathtub under a running shower

    •beating the soles of his feet with a wooden spoon

    •forcing him to wear a backpack filled with heavy books then when he collapsed yanking him upright by the hair so hard that it was pulled out of his head.

    This poor child, I hope he can forget this events and lead a good life with caring adults!


    He’d say, ‘Please, Nanny, don’t take me home,’” Fleischman said. “I offered to let him come live with me, and (his mother) refused.”

    This breaks my heart

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    CPS fails again..

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    Melissa Mosher-Bach was formally sentenced this morning in Ontario County Court to five years in state prison followed by three years of post-release supervision — the same as her husband, Corey Bach — after pleading guilty to abusing a two-year old child.

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    Police say he lived a life of starvation and torture. Police say his parents threw him against a wall, yanked him by his hair, deprived him of food, and strapped him in a car seat under the running water of a shower- a kind of water boarding...

    Judge Craig Doran says Bach’s refusal to accept responsibility in this case makes him “one of the most dangerous people” who’s ever been in his courtroom. “You basically tortured this innocent, precious child.”



    “The defendant’s an obvious threat to children,” said Ontario County District Attorney Michael Tantillo. He added that she did not take responsibility for her actions and that she “appears to show no remorse whatsoever.”


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