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    Talking Barbie vs. The Bratz!


    Bratz retrial's jury hears closing arguments
    A verdict in the Mattel-MGA case could come as soon as next week. A major point of contention centers on when and where Bratz creator Carter Bryant came up with the idea for the popular dolls.
    By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
    April 9, 2011

    A lineup of Bratz dolls in 2006. The jury is being asked to determine a host of issues, including when the original Bratz drawings were created. (MGA Entertainment / April 9, 2011)

    After nearly three months of courtroom testimony, the bitter dispute between toy giant Mattel Inc. and rival MGA Entertainment Inc. over ownership of the sassy Bratz doll line was sent to a jury for deliberations.

    A verdict could come as soon as next week. The jury heard final arguments in the copyright infringement case in federal court in Santa Ana on Friday in front of a packed courtroom that included the chief executives of both companies.

    A major point of contention centers on when and where Bratz creator and former Barbie designer Carter Bryant came up with the idea for the wildly popular multi-ethnic dolls known for their oversized heads, pouty lips and risque clothing.

    Bryant has contended that he came up with the idea for Bratz in 1998 when he was on a break from the company and living with his parents in Missouri....

    Barbie-Bratz Dispute Heads To (Yet Another) Jury
    * April 11, 2011, 10:36 AM ET
    By Ashby Jones

    Barbie is now a 31-year-old senior associate at a large Los Angeles law firm. The eldest Bratz girl is just about to wrap up her medical residency.

    We jest, of course. But the truth is that the dispute between Barbie (represented by her owner, Mattel Inc.), and MGA Entertainment (who owns the Bratz line) has been going on for a longer than we can remember. Frankly, we can barely remember what the fuss was all about...

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    I don't really like either, because I feel these dolls give our children unrealistic ideas of what a female body should look like. However, if I had to pick, Barbie looks wholesome...and the Bratz look like ladies of the night.

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    I didn't have any Barbie Doll's when I grew up. But all my girlfriends in the neighborhood had them. But I always wanted one + the "Ken Doll".

    My sister collected horse figures, I played with Cowboys & Indians and Army figures (those little green guys), with my brothers, (I always lost).

    But I would vote on the side of Barbie vs. Bratz.

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    I agree, both respresent the female form in a very idealized, unrealistic way. That said, I played with Barbies a child and have no problem with my daughter having a couple. She, however, is more a tomboy and not very interested in them.

    I agree that the Bratz dolls seem very overdone, underdressed, over madeup and just plain over the top. I have discouraged those who've been interested in purchasing them for my daughter and refuse to purchase them for my oldest granddaughter, even upon request.

    I don't like em. Not just for their looks, but because they are called "bratz". In my home, a Brat is NOT something to aspire to.
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    My girls got Bratz dolls for Christmas before I realized what they were. Luckily, the dog got ahold of both of them, so now they're both missing various appendages which makes them significantly more appealing in my eyes.

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