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    OR - Tony Pickens arrested for prostitution of teen girls

    Mug shot alert. This scary guy literally would not take no for an answer. I'm so relieved LE rescued these girls. What about other victims though?


    A Portland man is accused of compelling teens into prostitution, then threatening them when they tried to run

    "Police sent to a disturbance call at the Burger King in Jantzen Beach discovered two teenagers, ages 15 and 19, being threatened by a man who had been forcing them to engage in prostitution, according to court records. Portland police arrested Tony Nathan Pickens, 42, on allegations of compelling prostitution on April 9. He was arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Tuesday afternoon.

    The 19-year-old woman told police she had met Pickens about one month earlier. She said he forced her to engage in prostitution and forced her to solicit other teenagers to do the same. The 15-year-old girl told police she had been homeless in Springfield when she was approached by the 19-year-old who took her back to a motel room where Pickens had been staying.

    The three later drove to Portland, and Pickens told the 15-year-old girl that she was going to start "working" for him. They stayed at a Day's Inn in Portland, where several men showed up at different times to have sex with the teenagers..."

    more at link

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    I'm not surprised at all the local talk of concern about Portland being a child trafficking center. Not surprised this happened at all, I'm afraid.

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    What a sick man! I'm worried that there may be alot of victims out there that we don't know of

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