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    OK - OKC driver arrested, found passed-out with 3-year-old in car

    Passed-out Oklahoma City driver arrested at 11 a.m. with 3-year-old in car

    Joe Nathan Thomas Jr., 26, was arrested on several complaints, including child endangerment, actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated and transporting an open container of beer, an officer wrote in the report.
    The car was still in drive and began to roll forward as the officer approached.
    Paramedics had to drag the man out of the car and put him on a gurney, and he still did not wake up.
    (more at Daily Oklahoman link above, including a "well, at least Hendrix would have approved of the hair style" booking photo)

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    Oh dear, dear, dear -- this dude has issues. Drunk as a skunk at 11 AM, 3 year old in the car with no carseat or seatbelt, passed out in the middle of the road.

    mmmm...sure wouldn't want to be him right now!

    Thank goodness noone was hurt or killed.


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    My Grandmom always said "God takes care of drunks and babies". In this case thank goodness it was both.

    Woke up after they put a tube down his throat.

    Oh, WFGODOT that's more a ?uestlove look.


    Link provided for anyone that doesn't know the members of our Roots are. Please know Ahmir has never been arrested for being drunk with a baby in the car.

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