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    CA - Dr. Patrick Clyne dismissed for abuse/Chief Pediatrician, Santa Clara County

    I've hesitated to start a thread on this doctor as I find this case to be very curious. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mercyneal alerted me to the article at the San Jose Mercury News. I was very concerned as two of our children came to us through that county. I've heard of this doctor but never dealt personally with him. If you read the comments, you'll see that he's very well respected within the foster care community.

    So, he's accused of molesting children in his own home and by several others--in two separate investigations. He's been removed from his post by the county and yet he still has his license and all privileges at the hospitals there. I can't decide what to think. I guess my biggest question is whether there truly was a recantation about the earlier abuses and if we have more details about the newest ones.

    The foster parent spokesperson is correct in that this is a difficult population of children but in all my 20 odd years of special needs parenting and advocacy I've never run across a false report of sexual abuse. False reports of physical abuse are common but I just haven't seen a sexual allegation which proved unfounded. That's not to say that they don't happen. If I were Dr. Clyne, I'd want a definitive ruling. I think the parents, children, and foster families of Santa Clara County deserve more than this murky decision.


    Santa Clara County [CA] fires doctor who worked with foster children after allegations of sexual molestation

    "The longtime chief pediatrician for abused and neglected children in Santa Clara County has been removed from his post, following repeated allegations that he sexually molested children in his care.

    Dr. Patrick Clyne has not been arrested, but San Jose police investigated him twice, in 2001 and again last year, and came to believe there was support for some of the accusations, according to sources close to the inquiries. Clyne, a well-regarded physician who has worked with foster care patients here since 1996, denies any wrongdoing...."


    "Clyne's March 10 dismissal has generated outcry in the close-knit foster care community, where many think he is being unfairly punished without the opportunity to defend himself. Clyne inspires devotion in part because of his personal circumstances. He is a paraplegic who conquered his disability to become a doctor of uncommon dedication to an extraordinarily challenging group of patients...."


    "....But according to sources close to the police investigations, questions first arose about Clyne in 2001, five years after he was hired. One of Clyne's own foster children accused him of abuse, and a subsequent inquiry discovered other alleged victims...."


    "....But sources familiar with the inquiry confirmed that a second set of complaints surfaced in 2009, prompting an investigation that involved allegations from multiple patients of Clyne's, of both genders. Altogether, sources said, five to 10 potential victims surfaced during the two inquiries...."


    "....And even after he was terminated, Clyne did not lose -- and to this day retains -- admitting and treating privileges at the county hospital, following a 2010 review and decision by 20 hospital department heads, Clyne said. Nor has he been reported to the Medical Board of California...."

    more at link (a detailed article and many comments by families)

    And a follow-up:


    Allegations against fired Santa Clara County pediatrician could taint 14 convictions

    "Santa Clara County prosecutors have identified "13 or 14" adult criminal convictions that may be at issue because of the involvement of Dr. Patrick Clyne, a county pediatrician recently fired after allegations that he sexually molested foster children in his care.

    The district attorney had previously determined that the allegations against Clyne -- all of which Clyne denies -- could raise doubts about his credibility as a prosecution witness. In recent days, the office has begun to inform defense attorneys of details of the allegations, first made public by this newspaper on Sunday, allowing them the opportunity to appeal...."

    more at link

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    I've never seen a case be handled so strangely. If there's evidence against Dr. Clyne, shouldn't he be arrested? What about the victims? I just don't see how the country can have it both ways. I understand that this man is also used as an expert witness which leaves cases open to appeal, if and when he is formally charged but this approach leaves everyone up in the air, wondering. Maybe the evidence isn't "prosecutable" but does that mean that the man gets to continue treating children? As for the comment about the man's disability, I'm afraid that I have to agree with the investigator. Paralyzation certainly does not preclude molestation. Not a bit.


    New details emerge about fired Santa Clara County pediatrician accused of sexual molestation

    "Since that initial article, new details have emerged. Clyne's dismissal was triggered by a March 1 letter from sex-crimes unit supervisor Steven Fein of the District Attorney's Office to Clyne's former boss at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Fein wrote that a committee of prosecutors "feels that there is substantial evidence that Dr. Clyne committed multiple crimes involving moral turpitude, specifically sexual assault."

    Referencing the two police investigations, the letter says the District Attorney's Office would be legally compelled to provide information about allegations against Clyne to defense attorneys, were he called to testify in court, as he had occasionally throughout his 16-year career.

    In an interview last week, Fein declined to provide more information, and he said he would not provide police reports of the investigations to Clyne's attorney because no charges were filed. Fein noted that Clyne had declined to answer questions from police during the second investigation, but said his office remains interested in talking to him.
    "Dr. Clyne is welcome to make a statement," Fein said. "We would be happy to take it at any time, if that's what he would like to do....."


    "...some insiders are raising concerns about whether county officials properly handled the allegations against Clyne. In particular, after each investigation, Clyne was returned to his county post with no restrictions. Not until a few days before his dismissal was a chaperon regularly provided when he examined children...."


    "....[Clyne's attorney, Donald] Kelly complained about Clyne's treatment by "government investigators." Of particular concern, he wrote, was the lead investigating officer for San Jose police -- after being informed Clyne was paralyzed from the bellybutton down -- "flippantly remarked, 'What difference does that make?...'

    More at link

    Note: Some excellent comments have been added to the first two links

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    I really hate this. All those article links do not work now and the Mercury News archives come back as empty when searching Clyne's name. I also get zippo in Google news archives.

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