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    CA - Los Angeles- Autistic child molested by Jeremy Shawn Stockton, caregiver

    List of places he's worked in the article.


    Because of Stockton's history of working with disabled children, police believe there may be more victims.

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    Oh, that upsets me greatly. Parents of special needs children are forced to trust so many people with their children's safety and their children often don't have the ability to report or even to defend themselves.

    One of the saddest commentaries of our society is that we pay so little to those who care for our most vulnerable citizens--the disabled, young children, and the elderly. IMO, this lack of incentive and lack of training requirements, just invites abuse.

    My prayers are with that little guy.

    Just in case that article disappears, this is from Peeple's link above:

    "...Since May 2008, Stockton has worked for Wellspring as an in-home caregiver for developmentally disabled children, according to the LAPD. He has also been a special education trainee at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Van Nuys.

    Although not a YMCA employee, in 2009, he worked among developmentally disabled children at the YMCA facility in La Canada. He then worked at Valley Therapeutic Recreational Center in North Hollywood...."

    more at link

    For those without special needs children, in-home caregivers are typically under contract with a school or a state or county agency. They come to the child's home to provide all sorts of special training or social skills or respite care. The idea is to keep the child in the home by offering needed services negating the need for institutionalism. They are given some training but the pay is not great at all, IME.

    I wonder what happened with this guy's special ed training?

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