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    TX - 3 Hurt When 5-Year-Old Takes Gun To School



    Houston police said the child took the loaded gun to Ross Elementary, 2819 Bay St., on Tuesday.

    Investigators said the kindergarten students were in the cafeteria when the gun fell out of his backpack and discharged about 10:20 a.m.

    Three kindergarten students were injured, but none was shot, detectives said. The injuries ranged from powder burns to scrapes.

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    I want to know where he got this gun from! Thank god no children were killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorenoI View Post
    I want to know where he got this gun from! Thank god no children were killed.
    Probably just lying on a table at home. It is truly horrifying that there was a round in the chamber and that he walked around all morning with this gun in his pocket. HE WAS 6 YRS OLD FSG!!! And NOBODY noticed this "bluge" in this lil guy's pocket?

    Our education system has to change. Our children are not safe in our public schools anymore. Between the pedo teachers (both male and female) and the "hood-rat" students - our schools have become a "day-care" for the undesirables.

    Yes, thank God no child was killed. But if I was a parent at that school - my kids would have left and never went back.

    We, as a nation and as parents have to find a better way to educate our future.

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