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    FL - Baby left at fire station: please find her a good home, i'm sorry

    I hope this mother where ever she is, doesn't feel sorry. She has nothing to be sorry for! She should feel proud. She did the right thing, and she followed it up with a phone call. She even put the baby's time of birth on the note.
    Happy Early Easter.


    Catherine Chaney, fire district spokeswoman, said the infant was wrapped in towels and in light plastic bags in a protective manner.

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    I couldn't agree more, Peeples. How many times do we read about these mothers killing their babies? She did the right thing.

    Justice for Travis

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    God bless that mother, and the little girl. The mother did the best thing in the world - made sure her newborn little girl would be found, and found quickly, and instead of throwing her away, she is given a chance at a good life.

    Thank you, Birth Mom, for doing the right thing, all the way around.

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    Bless this mother.

    I hope she's okay herself and has access to medical care, since it's unlikely she gave birth in a hospital. I hope she's with people who care about her.

    I hope she can see a doctor, and very soon.

    This baby was given the best start this mother could offer, or at least the best she thought she could offer - she clearly wanted to do the best she could. I wish the little baby all the luck in the world with a family who can take care of her.

    This is a nice story, compared to so much awful we see on here.

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    As a side note, I kind of wish they wouldn't reproduce the actual note in the newspaper. I think these women who do make the "right decision" should have every single spot of privacy they can get, so as to not deter future desperate women who want to make this choice in anonymity.

    I do hope this woman gets medical attention, but it shouldn't be because someone recognized her hand writing in the paper and forces her to admit it all, KWIM?

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    I am thankful in this case they aren't asking the mother to come forward which sometimes they do. I think that scare parents off from using safe haven.

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    Whatever family gets to adopt this baby....I believe they will always feel she's very special and will be very loved.

    I'm glad the birth mom did the right thing.
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    Wow, a sound example of why the safe haven laws are valuable-- there are many homes that might be blessed with this infant as a member of their family. Terrifically maternal to do such a thing, really.

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