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    Who was that masked bandit???

    VERO BEACH, Fla. - Eunice Messick had just started a round of golf when she walked back to her cart and noticed her purse had vanished.

    "Police report, canceled the credit cards of course, got new keys, had the locks changed," says Messick. "I was really paranoid, wasn't I?"

    Everyone assumed the Sandridge Golf Club had a thief.

    Messick's purse remained missing until this week when another female golfer caught the suspect in the act.

    More at link:

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    Klepto animals crack me up. lol.

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    They haven't been able to lure him into a trap/cage. Maybe they should use a lady's purse as bait.

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    I hope they catch the little thing and release him/her somewhere safe. It's a little odd that a racoon is out searching for food in the daylight, isn't it? I'm wondering if this might have been someone's pet at some point. I had one when I was a teen (many years ago) and she was often seen around our area in the daytime for years after we released her but usually we only see the wild ones at night around here.
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